Today is 22nd January 2020 and we are OPEN.


**BACK** Young and ready AURORA36D-24-34

**BACK** The perfect beauty SILVIA34C-24-34

**NEW** Submissive and tall ANATA34B-24-34

**BACK** The best pillowy breasts MI JI34C-24-36

**NEW** More sexy than sweet MISA34D-24-34

**NEW** The lady is a freak BARRY32C-23-32


My name is Aurora and I’m the most natural busty 36D girl you will meet. I’m fun to be with, have spunk and have the perfect body that others want! Men love me, women want to be me and I’ll make your girlfriend jealous. I’m cute, funny and love to please! My pictures are real and they say everything. Come see me and enjoy my delicious natural beauty in San Mateo. I’ll be in the Peninsula area briefly so don’t miss out!


My name is Silvia and I’m back in the San Mateo Peninsula area. I hope to receive a warm welcome from everyone! I’m not just a pretty face and I’m definitely pretty, but I’m all about service too! I aspire to give you the best experience ever and keep you coming back for more. I can promise that your time with me will be nothing like what you’ve experienced with all those other forgettable girls. The tongue is the most sensitive muscle and I intend to show you how that works!


My name is Anata and I’m the demure Japanese like girl that is ready to serve you and all your needs! I’m tall, lanky and have really long legs that can wrap around you but I’ve got the nature of a little Japanese geisha girl. I’ll serve all your needs and I’ll make sure you leave satisfied. I want to drain you of everything and make your knees wobble.

  • Name: Anata
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • BWB: 34B-24-34
  • SMS: 650-334-5955
  • Reviews: EroticMonkey
  • Switter: JJ_Lui

Mi Ji

Mi Ji is like the mochi candy. Sweet, gooey, and sticky. Yet so plush and comfortable, like a pillow of heavenly sweetness. The Japanese make daifuku from it. The Korean have Mi Ji. Eating Mi Ji would just be like that, soft, effortless and rewarded with the sweetness of her filling. Mi Ji orgasms easily so don’t tire her out too much! She’s only 24. Unless it’s a challenge to see how many you can get!


My name is Misa and I am extraordinary! Girls with short names are usually the best, because we get down to business and we get down and dirty! If the sweet, yet sultry, innocent yet sexy look is for you, then I’m the girl to deliver it! I’ll make you weak in the knees, I’ll make your heart stronger and I’ll provide a workout that none can compare. If you wait, you won’t see, so don’t wait to see me now!


My name is Barry and I’m new, I’m fresh and I’m ready to rock your body and snap your mind! If your dream was ever to be with a classy, elegant lady that’s gonna do all your bidding, I’m the on for you. If your dream was to have a classy, elegant lady tell you how much she wants you, then I’m here telling you now that I want you that bad!

  • Name: Barry
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 105lbs
  • BWB: 32C-23-32
  • SMS: 650-334-5955
  • Reviews: EroticMonkey
  • Switter: JJ_Lui