Today is 18th September 2019 and we are OPEN.


**NEW** Ready to be Stroked MAY34D-24-34

**YOUNG AND NEW** Sexy and Confident BEA34C-24-34

**BUTTLICIOUS** New to the Penn MISO34C-24-34

**BUNNY** Sexy and All Natural FARRY34D-24-34


My name is May and this is my first time in the Bay. The Bay Area to be exact. I’m excited to be here and to enjoy the lovely and hot weather.  I get cold very easily and so that’s why I love to cuddle so much! Most people think I’m like a cat and expect me to purr in pleasure at any time. Yes, I do tend to purr quite a lot when I’m enjoying myself.

  • Name: May
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 100lbs
  • BWB: 34D-24-34
  • SMS: 650-334-5955
  • Reviews:  EroticMonkey
  • Switter: JJ_Lui


My name is Bea and that’s short for being the most beautiful of all. I might be young but I’m definitely experienced in the art of seduction. I will revive you, I will breathe life into your exhausted body and I will bring you to greater heights of  orgasmic enjoyment. I have just arrived in San Mateo to provide you with the most exquisite pleasure!


My name is Miso and I’m ready to change your view! If the perfect butt is what you seek, look no further!  You can bounce a quarter off my super tight and super cute tush. Imagine me riding you or you riding me, imagine me flicking my hair and assuming the position. Don’t imagine anymore, come see me and experience it!


My name is Farry and I’ve been told that I’m the Korean Playboy bunny that should be on the centerfold. I’m hoping that I will be selected soon for the front cover and make a huge splash. In the meantime, I want to enjoy my time with you and indulge in all the fantasies so I can be ready for the questions during the interview with Playboy! The article will be the most interesting you have ever read!